STEP has three main activities

Developing a regional botanic garden

  • developing skills and knowledge to create a small botanic garden
  • sharing our resources with and receiving support from the National Arboretum Canberra
  • learning about Southern Tablelands native plants and their cultivation

Developing educational resources

  • raising awareness about five key ecosystems associated with southern tablelands regional landscapes
  • raising awareness about the importance of weed and pest management
  • developing educational resources online and in print
  • developing a simple outdoor education space

Future Ecosystems Recovery Centre

  • Over the next few years, STEP hopes to participate in a recovery program for 44 hectares of yellow box/red gum woodland adjacent to the STEP site
  • STEP is currently promoting conservation of local native species through our leaflets and our website
  • STEP is also working in partnership with other groups whose aims are to improve conservation,  education and the cultural heritage of our region