Master Plan for STEP

The STEP site was originally known as Lot 100 and this label is used in the Masterplan drawings. In 2013 the National Arboretum Canberra renamed the site Forest 20.

After the trees were planted at Forest 20, STEP commenced planning for understorey plantings.

A Master Plan for the site was developed pro bono by Barbara Payne, Quandong Designs*, with assistance of a grant from the ACT Government’s Environment Grant Program 2010-2011.

The Master Plan is presented in a series of five panels with the theme of “Telling the Understorey”:

  • The STEP vision, regional context and why the understory is important. See Master Plan panel 1
  • The Eucalypts planted in the STEP garden and where they can be found in the landscapes of the Southern Tablelands (noting replacement of Alpine Ash with Narrow-leaved Peppermint). See Master Plan panel 2
  • The understorey master plan – design principles, selection of plants, site access and features. See Master Plan panel 3
  • The links between the vegetation types of the Southern Tablelands and indicative understorey species (including threat status and aboriginal use). See Master Plan panel 4
  • A list of understorey plants (scientific and common names) indicative of Southern Tablelands vegetation, grouped into shrubs, vines and creepers, herbs, ferns and grasses and grass-like plants. See Master Plan panel 5

*PO Box 6119 O’Connor ACT 2602