White Box

Eucalyptus albens

White Box Eucalyptus albens
White Box

Small to medium (20–25m) woodland tree, forming a lignotuber. Bark rough, grey, and finely fissured, persistent on the trunk and lower branches, shedding in short ribbons.

Juvenile leaves, oval and alternate, adult leaves long (7–15cm) and broad (2–5cm), dull grey-green, with veins at 45° to the midrib. Buds on stalks and in clusters of 7, with white flowers March–June. Barrel shaped fruit, 0.5–1cm wide.

Distribution: western slopes and tablelands of NSW reaching north to the Bunya Mountains in Queensland and south to the ranges of northeastern Victoria.

Has been used for heavy engineering and construction, poles, railway sleepers, fencing, fuel and for honey production.