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Outdoor education program

STEP’s long-term objective is to create a regional botanic garden, education and ecosystem recovery centre, then manage and enhance it.  More coming soon

Outdoor education centre

In the coming years, once our outdoor space is built, STEP will have both a virtual and a real/ physical outdoor education centre at the STEP garden to support an education program. More coming soon

Education activities

Kids Caring for Country is a new program suitable for Primary School students that STEP is developing in 2013. STEP has received a Grant to develop this program in collaboration with the National Arboretum and the ACT Directorate of Schools. More coming soon 

STEP has colourful display posters with information on the iconic ecosystems of the southern tablelands. More coming soon


There are opportunities for visitors such as garden clubs, conservation and corporate groups to make a booking for a guided visit to the STEP garden. More coming soon