Apple Box

Eucalyptus bridgesiana

Apple Box Eucalyptus bridgesiana
Apple Box

Small to medium (8 – 20m) tree with rough, tessellated grey bark usually extending to the limbs and often cracked into blocks at the base. Trunk and branches often large and gnarled with a spreading crown.

Juvenile leaves have no stalk, are grey and heart shaped with fine wavy edge. Adult leaves alternate with stalks, tapering to a long point (12 – 20cm) with few to no oil glands. Seven oval to pointed buds in stemmed clusters producing white flowers (January to April). The fruit is short stalked, cup-shaped with a domed top and protruding valves.

Distribution: from central and eastern Victoria, NSW tablelands and far south-east Queensland. Commonly on lower valley slopes often on alluvial flats and with Yellow Box and Blakely’s Red Gum.

It produces gum and honey.