Ribbon Gum/Manna Gum

Ribbon Gum/Manna Gum
Ribbon Gum/Manna Gum

Eucalyptus viminalis

Medium to tall (25–50m) tree. Silvery white trunk mostly smooth in mountain forms, but many populations have a black butt or rough bark over most of the trunk. Bark shed in ribbons that
hang from the branches or are retained in the crown.

Juvenile leaves green, opposite and pointed to oblong. Adult leaves glossy or dull green, 8-23cm long, with dense venation.

Three long pointed buds form in the leaf axils and produce white flowers from January-May. Fruits stalkless, cup-shaped with protruding valves.

Distribution: from South Australia, through Victoria, Tasmania and eastern NSW (inland). In the ACT at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and on the ANU campus.

Used in building, joinery, pulp and timber, and for gums, honey, medicinal (Indigenous).