Bjarne K Dahl Grant awarded to STEP

David Shorthouse and Max Bourke were successful in December 2010 with their application for a grant from the Bjarne K Dahl Trust. Our successful STEP project is called:  Know your Eucalypts (Southern Tablelands of the ACT/NSW). STEP Inc has been awarded a grant of $7,500.00 for this project.

This is a newly established fund created from a bequest by Bjarne Dahl, a Norwegian forester, who developed a true affinity with the Australian bush. And who left his entire estate to establish the Trust. The Bjarne K Dahl Trust focuses on eucalyptus, an Australian icon and a significant asapect of Australia’s natural environment and biodiversity. At the age of thirty, in 1928, Klaus Bjarne Dahl took the opportunity to come to Australia from Norway to work for the Forests Commission of Victoria. By 1946, Bjarne was the Head of the Forests Assessment Branch. Through out his life Dahl purchased land and managed forests as a private investment and with other fortuitous investments grew his private wealth.

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