Developing Molonglo Connectivity …a proposal

Members will be interested to know that the STEP Committee is supporting the Conservation Council’s application for an ACT Environment Grant round for 2011/2012.

The proposal is to develop a connectivity concept plan for the Lower Molonglo Landscape. STEP has been actively promoting connectivity in this region of the ACT by bringing the various conservation groups active in this region and documenting their contribution to pest control, overcoming soil erosion, revegetation and weed management.

STEP held a workshop on connectivity in August last year and is planning a second workshop later this year.  We are keen to identify barriers that will be formed when the Molonglo urban development is built and the effect it will have on wildlife and ecological resilience to climate change.

The Conservation Council project will help address some of these concerns and so we believe it will be an important and worthwhile project.

We are particularly keen to see that the proposed project will develop preliminary designs for a small number of sub-projects which focus on habitat restoration and rehabilitation.