Minutes of Meeting 4 April 2007

Southern Tablelands Ecosystems Park Inc Minutes of the Committee Meeting held at Seeds and Plants Australia 8 Beltana Road Pialligo on 4 April 2007 at 5.30 pm

The next meeting of the Committee will be on 6 June 2007 at 5.00 pm at Pialligo.

Attendance: Andy Russell, Paul Hodgkinson, Warren Saunders, Cathy Robertson, Geoff Robertson

Guest: Dr  David Shorthouse 

Apologies: Ian Anderson , George HeinsohnJohn Nightingale Paul hodgkinson opened the meeting by welcoming David Shorthouse as a guest.  Andy Russell asked the Committee to note that the meeting times do not suit George Heinsohn.  

Minutes of the meeting of 12 February 2007 

These minutes were circulated before the meeting by email. Moved: G Robertson and seconded A Russell. Carried. 

Action List

  • Meeting with Mark Butz: contact with Toby Jones twill be  followed up by Geoff Robertson.
  • David Shorthouse explained his proposed new role with David Lindenmeyer working on woodlands.  He undertook to liaise with ANU to discuss possibilities for STEP working with them at the Arboretum site.
  • Concept Plan: David offered to assist John Nightingale to gain access to the CAD reference maps for Block 100 in CIA&G.
  • Geoff Robertson offered to draw up a list of  ecosystem – linked species for the planting  plan.
  • Warren Saunders offered to circulate a draft business plan for STEP to assist with managing the CIA&G Project.
  • Cathy Robertson reported that the newsletter articles would be finalised once the concept plan had been endorsed by the STEP Committee and approved by Jocelyn Plovitz.

Treasurer’s Report 07/03/07 

Balance at 12/03/07: $ 2006.81

Credit from ATO: $ 46.00


Friends of Grasslands Share of mailbox cost  $ 62.00

Credit balance: $1990.81

NB: Payment for insurance to Altiora of  $300.00 has been made but no receipt has been received and the cheque has not yet been cashed.ATO has issued a credit to STEP and  the treasurer has only a reference number.The ATO has acknowledged STEP’s cancellation of the GST.

Membership Report: 66 financial and 2 honorary members. Geoff Robertson raised the need to appoint an auditor.

ST vegetation types

The committee discussed: the NSW/ACT  vegetation types; the planting plan to include a decision about the fixed number of specimens of the same genus; the overall formula to determine the number of trees and shrubs to be planted on the site; clarifying the size of the block;  researching the 10 or 15 threatened ST treeand shrub species. Warren Saunders made an estimate for the cost of  planting for Stage 1 at: $150,000.00 of which $60,000.00 was the cost of palnts and the rest was earth works. The meeting finished at 6.50pm. The next meeting will be 2 May 2007 at 5.30 at Seed and Plants Australia in Beltana Rd Pialligo.  CR May 09 05 2007