No clover in Block 100

The task of preparing for the planting 12 species of Eucalyptus trees and 541 trees in total on Block 100 has commenced in accordance with the Arboretum’s landscape architects’ (Taylor Cullity and Lathlean’s) planting design.

When the Arboretum project team suggested that they wanted to plant clover on Block 100 as a ground cover, the STEP committee ruled out this suggestion. Our response is that we prefer not to have a ground cover of clover on un-mulched parts of Block 100, because native plants do not require a soil enriched with nitrogen.

Instead, STEP asked that the ripped surface between the rows of trees is left in its ‘raw’ state to allow the current seed bank in the soil (which will include native species) to germinate.

STEP also asked the Project Team to mow the plant biomass on the surface to a standard that will maintain the fuel load at an appropriate level, whilst STEP has taken the responsibility for weed control.

STEP has flagged with the project team that we may have a future requirement for mulching the plantings of shrubs, grasses and native flowers depending on how the seed bank responds to site preparation and conditions and the results of weed control activities.

Ground preparation for Block 100 is proceeding apace.