Planning for Block 100’s understorey

Geoff Robertson has devoted many hours to researching a planting plan for the STEP concept. Geoff has prepared a draft tree planting plan for the STEP garden using David Keith’s NSW Vegetation Classification.Basically he has noted the dominant and associate trees for the ecosystems of the Southern Tablelands  to devise  a plan to show what trees to    plant and where. Meanwhile Sarah Sharp has been working on an ACT classification framework. When this is available Geoff  will check the STEP design for compatibility with the ACT framework. Later this  design will be developed further for the understorey components of the garden. To find the plan go to Eucalypts of STEP.

Apart from work on dominant, associate, and characteristic plants, Geoff also proposed that there be a plan to deal with the rarer plants. He has used the list for the Southern Tablelands from the Flora of NSW Online. This work has enabled the STEP Committee to negotiate the species of trees that will be planted on our site.