Step Lot 100 Stage One Masterplan Panels

STEP has developed 5 colourful display posters with information on the iconic ecosystems of the southern tablelands. The display posters present the STEP plans for landscaping and planting stage 1 of the southern tablelands regional botanic garden, education and ecosystems recovery centre.

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The posters display key research findings about southern tablelands ecosystems and the vegetation communities that are aligned with them. Dr David Shorthouse and  environmentalist Geoff Robertson contributed the research work to support this project.

STEP acknowledges that this project – STEP’s  Stage 1 Botanic Garden was funded by a grant from the ACT Government entitled “Growing Our Natural Capital” awarded to STEP in October 2010.

Poster 2 in this series can be ordered from STEP for classroom or laboratory use by schools and tertiary education bodies.

The posters will be displayed at the STEP Botanic Garden. Visitors and education groups are welcome.

The display posters and landscape design are the work of Barbara Payne, Quandong Design.