STEP Activities

As it develops the Arboretum Project STEP will be conducting a number of regular activities including weeding and planting days, and seminars and seminars and field trips. In the past, STEP has run a number of workshops to develop aspects of STEP strategy and resources, and on 28 August 2005 conducted a workshop with Friends of Grasslands on the topic Leaf, Feather Fur and Scale Workshop exploring the relationship between Southern Tablelands and their bird mammal and reptile inhabitants. In the meantime, STEP has focused on developing a project proposal to establish the botanic garden and recovery centre at the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens site.

Many Canberra-region conservation groups such as the Australian Native Plants Society, Friends of the Grasslands,ACT Herpertological Association, and Canberra Field Naturalists have events that are highly relevant to learning about the SouthernTablelands ecosystems, their plants and animals, and their recovery, andSTEP members are encourages to participate in thses acitivities.

This website will flag activities put on by other groups which may be of interest to STEP members who wish to increase thier understanding of ecosystems of the Southern Tablelands, Botanic Gardens abd related horticultural activities. 

STEP Launch

We had a very successful launch for the association on 22 May 2002. Work is continuing to establish STEP with as wide a base of stakeholders as possible.