Notice of Annual General Meeting 2009

The STEP AGM will be held on Saturday 7 November 2009 from 5.00 – 7.00 pm at the CIAG Board Room on site at the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens.

All members and non members welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.


Election of Office Bearers for the positions of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • 2 – 3 Committee Members

Nominations will be called at the meeting.

Notice of Special STEP Meeting on 7 November 2009

Notice of motions:

  1. That the STEP Committee continue with its work to construct the STEP Botanic Garden and Ecosystem Recovery Centre and concept within the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens (CIAG) Project.
  2. That STEP continue to liaise with TAMS and the Chief Minister’s Department to seek the inclusion of the small area of natural woodland and disturbed grassland that currently lies adjacent to Block 100 as part of CIAG and under the management of STEP inc. 
  3. That the following motion for a rule change to the STEP Constitution and  Rules be accepted:
    “Motion: That Parts 4 and 5 (Rules 17 – 35) of the STEP Inc Constitution (2004) be deleted and that Part 1.3 Committee and Part 1.4 from ACT Incorporated Associations ACT 1991 Schedule 1 The Model Rules be inserted with the appropriate numbering.
  4. That the AGM consider its view on the STEP Committee proposal to increase the $10.00 membership fee for family and  individual members to $20.00 from April 2010.

Report to Members October 2009 

Progress with establishing the STEP vision and values within the Canberra Arboretum and Gardens stakeholder groups has been very good in 2009.  The milestones that STEP has achieved in 2008/2009 are presented in the summary below.

  • Membership: 54 financial members at the end of July 2009
  • Financial position: 1 July 2009 Credit at Bank $1099.21
  • Incorporation: A current certificate of Incorporation was issued on 14 November 2004.
  • Public Officer: Mr Andrew Russell, STEP Public Officer has ensured that the Registrar of Public Associations has received notice of the STEP Office Bearers and audited statements of the accounts as required.
  • STEP Accounts: The accounts have been audited by Harwicke’s Chartered Accountants. (A copy will be available at the meeting).
  • Insurance Policy: STEP has a current Insurance Policy covering its activities.
  • STEP Newsletter: The STEP newsletter was distributed to members in February, April and October 2009.
  • STEP Website: The STEP website has been updated during 2009.
  • Activity1 – Working Bee in Dec 2008 held at SEEDS AND PLANTS AUSTRALIA to germinate seeds for the trees to be planted in the STEP Garden on Block 100.
  • Activity2 – Opening of the STEP Project on 15 March 2009 by Chief Minister Jon Stanhope.
  • Activity 3 – Planting and enclosing the first 120 trees with tree guards completed between March and June 2009 before the winter recession. CIAG agrees to fund the cost of mulching Block 100 with embedded local grass and wild flowers seeds. CIAG fences Block 100.
  • Activity 4 – May 2009 – a supportive meeting with STEP and CM Jon Stanhope agrees on ways and means to progress the STEP Wetland, the construction of the STEP Woodland and STEP’s involvement in planning a Visitors Centre at CIAG.
  • Activity 5 – STEP finalises the plan for the construction of the wetland with the CIAG Project Team.  In August work commences on the construction of the wetland. In Sept weekly STEP working bees begin to plant rocks, sedges and grasses to form the wetland.
  • Activity 6 – Sept/Oct STEP Project explained by volunteers to Floriade visitors as part of the Friends of CIAG display at Floriade.
  • NB: Friends of CIAG have been very supportive. STEP has attended Committee meetings, working bees and general meetings. STEP has published two feature articles in the Friends Newsletter this year.

Directions to the STEP Block at the Arboretum

The main entrance to the Canberra International Arboretum and Gardens is at the end of Lady Denman Drive through the Tuggeranong Parkway underpass.

If you are travelling along Lady Denman Drive from the city, turn right at the traffic lights before Barrenjoey Drive and continue straight ahead under the Tuggeranong Parkway overpass. The entry is straight ahead.

For a map, see grid reference B6 on map 58 in the Canberra Yellow Pages, or this link for Google Maps. We will meet there at 4.45 pm. It is important to be on time. We will be going to the Board Room on the Event Terrace – the meeting will start sharp at 5pm.

If you need assistance send a text message from the gate – 0405 623 802 .