Advice to members of amended STEP Inc Rules

This notice is to advise members at the 2009 STEP AGM members present carried a motion to amend the STEP rules (constitution). Essentially the motion allows committee members to continue on the committee after serving five years. Optimistically the current long-serving committee members considered that after five years others would take up the cudgel. Unfortunately, we were a little optimistic. This motion enables the current President, Secretary and Treasurer to continue on the committee after having served five years. Secondly, quorums at committee meetings and general meetings of the committee are higher than required for the model rules. The higher quorums in the STEP rules were again a little optimistic and have required us to cancel the occasional meeting. The changes would bring the STEP rules in line with the model rules. A copy of the amended rules is attached

Motion: That Parts 4 and 5 (Rules 17 – 35) of the STEP Inc Constitution (2004) be deleted and that Part 1.3 Committee and Part 1.4 from ACT Incorporated Associations ACT 1991 Schedule 1 The Model Rules be inserted with the appropriate numbering.

Moved  David Shorthouse                                 Seconded Andrew Russell

Carried Unanimously.